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Thursday, 5 July 2012

PCLaw Security – Groups & Advanced User Rights

Security for user in PCLaw is a puzzle to be solved by trial and error method to achieve the optimum level of rights and someting that requires constant updating as firm requirement change, new software versions surface, etc. 
Security broadly is a function of a) Groups and b) Advanced User Rights. A user must be a member of one or more groups and each user can be further subjected to unique restrictions. A firm might want to give more than one feature or function to its group yet have restricted accesses for users.  These may turn out to be conflictive objectives to achieve thus making it difficult for PCLaw Administrators to strike the right balance between functionality and rights.
An example might be user rights for lawyers. The firm might want all lawyers to be able to record their own time, run their own time sheet reports without being able to enter time for other lawyers and see time reports for other lawyers, but with the ability to view the financial reports on matters such as Matter balances, A/R etc. By restricting lawyers from seeing other lawyers’ time, the information they will obtain will be distorted. This is true for a) Billing reports and b) Receivables reports if the Fee elements comprise of work done by other lawyers.
So, if an exception is created for individual users, the exception follows and is enforced upon the users in all areas of the program the users access – that’s how PCLaw works.

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