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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Getting Married and Software Implementation - similarities

Implementing new software systems, such as a small Payroll system, a Practice Management system and ERP systems, have a lot of commonalities as well as their own unique challenges and stages that span months or years.

However the the model of software implementation has been simple 2 step process in that it is: Purchase the software> Learn. On either side there is Vendor Demos, short listing of products, product selection and then after sale sign off, planning, discovery, scoping, requirements gathering, process changes, data conversion, testing, training, Go live strategy, etc.

The above seems pretty obvious. However my PCLaw selection and implementation model was opposite to the above conventional model. It was: Learn> Purchase the software. It is like a mini rollout before buying or actually committing to the system.

Whilst the former model is better suited for firms that have consultants support engaged in product selection, it is akin to finding a mate, getting married!

The latter, however is a slow but sure model, greatly reducing risk, ensuring a good fit where you greatly increase the chances of successful rollout. And it is akin to finding a mate, dating, getting married!

Which strategy would you choose to implement a new software system?