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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Exporting to Excel - General Bank Journals

Every so often Accounts staff have to prepare periodic reports on Excel for receipts & collections and payments and analyse them. To achieve this they would typically export the General Bank Journal using a layout they have designed.

The resultant report opened in Excel may not have multiple allocation line items if a receipt or cheque entry has two allocations. (all entries having either one or more than two allocations will appear correctly). To get round this, use PCLaw's “Default” report layout to open the General Bank Journal in PCLaw before saving it to Excel. Do not use any custom designed layouts. This issue is true as of Version 10.


  1. Hello Hassan - I am wondering whether you might be able to help me extract some data in Excel format from my PCLaw program. I am running v.10.0. Whenever I try to export my GL to excel, it crashes the program. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I would be happy to pay for your time if you can help me. Thanks.

    1. Dear Daniel Attard, please provide me with your email ID. Mine is