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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Journal Entry on Bank Journal Issue

The G/L Adjustment feature in PCLaw can be used to pass non-matter related entries (receipts/payments) via the General Bank journal. After performing the entry “Show Entry on Bank Journal” must be checked. The entry will appear on the General Bank Journal with a blank “Received From/Paid to” field while the "Rec/Chq #" will indicate the Journal Adjustment Ref #.
Tip: Faster way perhaps for accountants to record transactions for several office banks (e.g. monthly bank charges) in one go.
Bug: Once the entry is done NEVER drill down from the General Bank Journal or General Journal reports to delete the entry because although it will appear as deleted on the General Journal report,  the bank journal and G/L statements will still show the entry.  To get round this one would have to pass a reversal entry or call Technical Support to help fix the issue by removing the entry from the back-end. The only uneventful way to delete the entry would be via G/L>General Journal>Correct G/L Adjustment. This issue is true as of V10 SP5 HF3.

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