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Monday, 27 August 2012

PCLaw Security changes - when to update

In a prior post I mentioned by Security and how it works or is supposed to work and about user groups and rights.
The challenge I often have with the Security feature is when to constantly update. In a small firm the requirements might be very basic and user base constant. However for a larger or growing firm there are a number of issues to consider such as changes in timekeepers and support staff, changing roles, new features or functions required in PCLaw for staff to perform their tasks, etc.
So, once Security has been set and is working when should the Security features be revisited? The following scenarios according to me warrant updating Security rights:
·         Changes in Timekeepers – if new timekeepers are added, users who use the time recording function may need restricted access to the newly added timekeepers (under Advanced Security)  if they are not supposed to have access to new timekeepers’ rates, time reports, etc
·         Addition of new Bank Accounts – if support staff have restricted access to certain bank accounts and they should have access to the newly opened bank accounts, their Advanced security needs to be reset.
·         New features/functions – if the requirement of a firm changes such as new reports, new tasks, etc that users need access, security groups needs to be revisited.
·         New Upgrades/Updates – PCLaw releases new updates/upgrades and it is a time to test the Security again to ensure the latest features are available and also to ensure that the existing settings are working fine.
Other than the above, Security for matters can be done at Matter Manager level without accessing the actual Security feature. Firms must therefore have protocols to set security at matter level at time of file opening.
The Security feature therefore needs to be constantly refreshed after a firm defines how its going to use PCLaw.

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